community health outreach

Community Health Outreach brings Good Help to Those in Need by providing community-based health care and social services to people in poverty.  Two teams of nursing and social work professionals bring their expansive experience to the community, including bilingual staff within the San Sebastian community. Clients are treated holistically — mind, body, and spirit. By fostering trusting relationships with community members, the health outreach team helps transform hurt into hope, promotes and defends human dignity, and fosters a healing and caring environment.

Community Health Outreach provides the most vulnerable members of our community with opportunities to improve their health and quality of life, focusing on reaching those who are underserved and uninsured. Staff assist individuals and families with navigating the healthcare system and accessing community resources, including health education, personal safety, and basic life skills. Clients are able to establish a patient-primary care provider relationship, improve overall health, reduce unnecessary emergency department admissions, and decrease readmission to the healthcare system.   

Access to Care

We assist clients with finding affordable health care, medications, medical supplies, transportation, and food/clothing.  In 2012, we provided over 200 individuals with medication assistance vouchers filling at least 500 medications and approximately 700 bus passes for transportation needs.  In addition, our interventions redirected over 250 individuals to primary care that would have gone to the hospital’s emergency department for treatment.

Health and Wellness Education and Screenings

We provide individual and group presentations, screenings, and written literature in addition to annual flu clinics. In 2012, our nurses and social workers had more than 2,000 individual contacts and participated in over 90 events serving 3,000 plus participants.

Community Advocacy

We promote social justice and advocate through education and awareness for individuals and families in our community who have been marginalized in society and as a result face tremendous challenges.  Throughout the year, our nurses and social workers speak at local colleges and universities, faith communities, civic organizations, and nonprofit agencies.  In addition, we collaborate with our colleges and universities, faith communities, nonprofit agencies, and health care providers to address the needs of the community.

Therapeutic Presence

We are a ministry of caregivers, creating a caring and hopeful atmosphere.  Our nurses and social workers are committed to bringing people and communities to health and wholeness as part of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Community Health Outreach offices are located in communities near St. Francis Downtown, at San Sebastian Mission in Berea, and at Triune Mercy Center located close to the 183 corridor.  If you would like more information about Community Health Outreach, please call 864-351-9968.






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