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cancer risk screening program (CRiSP)

The Cancer Risk Screening Program (CRiSP) at St. Francis can help identify inherited and early cancer risks, such as breast or ovarian cancer, by looking at your family background and medical history. With families with high risk of developing cancer, their genetic links are researched with tests like BRCA, so that they can gain a better understanding of their risks and options. CRiSP offers opportunities for early detection, chemoprevention, and monitoring.

At St. Francis, we offer the support and resources necessary to make difficult medical decisions. CRiSP is a comprehensive program that includes genetic evaluation, testing, counseling, and referrals to health care services. St. Francis is also the only Upstate healthcare provider with a Genetic Consultant who is an Advanced Practice Nurse.

advanced imaging

Many cancers can be detected through advanced imaging equipment, which give your doctor the ability to see inside your body for abnormal changes. St. Francis offers a full suite of state-of-the-art imaging capabilities. Learn more >>

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