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Baseball and softball players are notoriously tough on their shoulders, leading to rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries. Learn how a combination of stretching and strengthening can help your shoulder stay pain-free. Click here for tips >>


Basketball players have a tendency to injure knees and ankles after jumping. Learn how a functional strength routine, combined with stretches for the knee, can keep you on the court.  Click here for tips >>


Cyclists often experience overuse injuries and pain caused by improper posture and technique. Learn ways to keep pain at bay so you can go the extra mile. Click here for tips >>


Before you put your cleats on this fall, learn how improving your balance and core strength can help prevent a torn meniscus or ACL. Click here for tips >>


Golf swings involve a lot of twisting, which can lead to back injuries. Learn the importance of a good warm up and how you can prevent back pain with a core strengthening and balance routine. Click here for tips >>


Runners and walkers often experience foot and ankle pain. Learn what you can do to prevent common conditions like stress fractures, Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Click here for tips >>


Soccer players have a tendency to injure their ankles due to the quick stops and starts they make on the field. Learn examples of exercises that can improve ankle strength and overall balance to help prevent ankle sprains. Click here for tips >>


Swimming involves a lot of shoulder movement, leading to more risk for injuries. Learn proper stroke techniques and some good stretching tips that'll help keep you injury-free in the pool. Click here for tips >>


Tennis players can experience an array of injuries, but the most recognized are tennis elbow and wrist pain. Learn more about these conditions and what you can do to prevent them. Click here for tips >>


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