music relaxation therapy

For many patients, the surgical experience can cause anxiety and stress. Studies have shown that listening to relaxing music just prior to surgery significantly reduces apprehension and anxiety.

In an effort to help reduce our patients anxiety, St. Francis offers a music relaxation program to all surgical patients. CD players are available in the Surgery Pre-Op area, and patients can choose from a selection of music-for-relaxation CDs to listen to prior to surgery. If they prefer, patients also may bring in personal CDs that make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

additional relaxation techniques

While listening to music prior to surgery, try using some of these relaxation techniques from St. Francis board-certified Music Therapist:

  • Focus on your breathing instead of stressful thoughts. Breathe in as deeply and smoothly as you can. Try to breathe out as slowly as you breathe in. As you inhale, think of gathering up your worries and tensions. As you exhale, think of releasing them. Breathe slowly to the phrases of the music.
  • Just closing your eyes is a very simple relaxation technique. Allow your face and jaw to relax as you focus on your breathing.
  • Think of a favorite place where you feel comfortable and safe. This place may be in nature, such as the beach or mountains, or even a favorite chair in your favorite room.
  • Imagine breathing in your most relaxing color and letting it go into all the tight or uncomfortable places in your body.
  • Think of positive words or phrases that you wish to convey to yourself and repeat these statements while listening to some relaxing music.

how do I participate?

If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, simply let your nurse know when you arrive in the Surgery Pre-Op area.

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