In keeping with the mission of Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, Inc., the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program is dedicated to providing physicians and other health care professionals with educational experiences that enhance their ability to provide excellent patient care, through increased competence and performance and improved patient outcomes. The program seeks to improve healthcare through learning designed to advance quality, cost-effective and safe care of patients and the public. The CME Program is also committed to fostering a life long learning environment in which health care professionals seek advances in the knowledge, skills and competencies relevant not only to their clinical practice but also to research and medical professionalism.

CME activities are primarily designed and presented to serve the professional and educational needs of physicians who are credentialed to practice medicine at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, Inc. Although the content and strategy of the CME is determined by the needs and interests of these physicians, other interested physicians/professionals may also attend CME sessions.


The CME program provides educational activities that meet the criteria established by the Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education and other standards established by the South Carolina Medical Association on Continuing Medical Education. The content of programs address areas such as risk management, public health, the practice environment, leadership and administration, public policy and tools for performance improvement.

The CME Program provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas on current practice trends, evidence-based medicine advances in clinical medicine and research and the delivery of high quality, equitable and cost effective care. The content is based on the identification and analysis of the targeted audience’s continuing medical education needs as articulated by participants, department chairs, executive leadership and/or quality improvement initiatives.

Objectives for each session are clearly stated and the effectiveness of each program subsequently evaluated. Speakers may include highly qualified physicians and other prominent leaders from academic medicine, industry, government, hospital leaders and clinical professionals. It is expected that the content presented will be objective, ethical and balanced. CME sessions that receive commercial support are so acknowledged in all announcements and at the beginning of the CME program.

Types of Activities

Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital CME Program will sponsor, co-sponsor or jointly sponsor CME activities utilizing current technologies and methodologies appropriate for adult learners in a variety of formats
including but not limited to on-going weekly and monthly activities such as Tumor Conferences, and free-standing one-time programs such as lectures, conferences, seminars, symposium, etc. Also, the Healthstream Computerized Learning Center further supports self-directed learning by providing opportunities for electronic modules available at the learner’s desktop.

Expected Outcomes

As a result of participating in CME activities, it is expected that participants will report on post-activity evaluations that learning objectives have been met and/or that the learner intends to make a change in practice. In addition to post-activity evaluations, a comprehensive evaluation of the CME program as a whole will be conducted annually to guide on-going improvements in the CME program  Activity evaluation summaries are made available to presenters to help them improve their educational skills. Finally, CME activities are reported to the Medical Executive Committee. An annual summary report is submitted to executive leadership, the Quality Board, and the Board of Directors. 

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